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Food Valve Paper Bag Automatic Packaging Machine
  • Food Valve Paper Bag Automatic Packaging Machine
  • Food Valve Paper Bag Automatic Packaging Machine
  • Food Valve Paper Bag Automatic Packaging Machine
Food Valve Paper Bag Automatic Packaging Machine
Food Valve Paper Bag Automatic Packaging Machine
Food Valve Paper Bag Automatic Packaging Machine

Food Valve Paper Bag Automatic Packaging Machine

Introducing our Packaging Production Line, a game-changing solution for food industry professionals seeking to streamline their packaging operations and boost efficiency.With lightning speed and precise precision, our automatic packaging machine for food valve paper bags ensures flawless packaging, saving you valuable time and resources while eliminating costly mistakes.
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Food Packaging Production Line

Packaging production line is the name of the game for food industry professionals who want to improve their packaging operations. The automatic packaging machine for food valve paper bags is a perfect packer and will save you time, reduce waste and cost associated with errors. Goodbye to inefficiencies, hello to increased productivity!Its body makes it shockproof and can be used in heavy duty applications.The machine has modern technology hence its operational system can easily be manipulated by any person even if he/she is not an expert but just a beginner.

This Packaging Production Line elevates your food packing practices. One should never let his competitors run faster than him or her; thus taking this chance will overhaul everything making you stay ahead of market dynamics. Contact us right away to get more information about our product that will ensure your business does not go under due to competition!

Food Valve Paper Bag Automatic Packaging Machine

Packaging Production Line Parameters:

Production speed: 150/min-180/min

Bag width: 320-580 mm

Bottom width: 90-200 mm

Internal reinforcement length: 100-500 mm

Finished product length: 360-900 mm

Food valve mouth paper bag intelligent bottom paste machine
Basic Information
modelBM2022-2F-2B-2DUnit product size32*4.8*2.3M
Voltage380Vweight37.6 tons
Energy consumptionlow energy consumptionTransport Packagingcontainer
manufactureJiangmen, Chinaproduction bag2-4 paper+1PE film, paper-plastic composite
production capacity 130-150 strips/minFinished length360-900 (mm) controllable error ± 1mm
continuous rollingyesFinished width320-580 (mm) controllable error ± 1mm
layermanybottom width90-200 (mm) controllable error ± 3mm
intelligentyesPort length100-250 (mm)
Bottom paste machine equipment configuration:
High-speed rotary vacuum suction pick-up → step-by-step arrangement (with abnormality rejection function) → center distance straight embossing, 45° oblique embossing (with piercing mechanism) → straight bag ear incision → suction open horns to unfold and smooth → second First valve port insertion → second valve port insertion → internal reinforcement insertion → bottom embossing, bottom closing glue application → bottom closing forming → external reinforcement insertion → bottom turning compaction (with exception rejection) → small S compacting mechanism → count stack output

Food Valve Paper Bag Automatic Packaging Machine

Advantages of Packaging Production Line:

  • Valve Bag Compatibility: Valve bag filling machines are specifically designed to handle valve bags, which are bags with a pre-made valve or nozzle attached to the bag opening. The valve controls filling and effectively seals the bag without the need for additional equipment.

  • Material handling: Packaging Production Line can handle a variety of materials, including cement, fertilizers, chemicals, minerals, food (such as flour, sugar and rice), pet food, etc. These machines are equipped with mechanisms to accurately dispense and fill the bags in the required quantity of material.

  • Automatic operation: Most valve pocket filling machines operate automatically, requiring minimal human intervention. They are equipped with sensors, controllers and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that regulate the filling process, ensuring accurate weighing and consistent bagging results.

  • Weighing and Filling System: The Packaging Production Line is equipped with a weighing and filling system to measure the required quantity of material dispensed into each bag. These systems can be configured according to specified requirements to achieve precise weight accuracy.

  • Bag sealing mechanism: When the bag is filled with material, the valve bag filling machine seals the valve or nozzle of the bag to prevent leakage and maintain product integrity during storage, handling and transportation. Depending on the characteristics of the bag and material, various sealing mechanisms can be used, such as heat sealing or stitching.

  • Flexibility and customization: Packaging Production Line can be customized to accommodate different bag sizes, materials, and production requirements. They may feature adjustable fill speeds, bag clamps, bag handling mechanisms and other components to meet specific application needs.

  • High throughput: The valve bag filling machine is designed for high-speed operation and can fill a large number of bags per hour, making it suitable for high-volume production environments. Their efficiency and reliability help increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

  • Quality control and monitoring: Advanced Packaging Production Line can include quality control and monitoring features such as weight verification, bag integrity checks and production data logging. These features help ensure consistent product quality and traceability throughout the packaging process.

Food Valve Paper Bag Automatic Packaging Machine

Product Video:

Packaging Production Line FAQs:

1.Can the Packaging Production Line handle bags of different sizes?

Yes, valve bag filling machines can accommodate various sizes of valve bags, from small bags for retail packaging to large bags for industrial applications.

2.Is the Packaging Production Line easy to operate?

With proper training and guidance, valve pocket filling machines are relatively easy to operate, with user-friendly controls and interfaces.

3.Does the Packaging Production Line provide bag weight accuracy?

Yes, most valve bag filling machines are equipped with a precision weighing system or load cell to ensure precise filling and consistent bag weight.

4.Can a Packaging Production Line handle high volume production?

Yes, valve pocket filling machines are designed to handle high production volumes efficiently, making them suitable for large-scale manufacturing operations.

5.Is the Packaging Production Line widely used?

Yes, valve pocket filling machines can be customized with different options and configurations to meet specific packaging needs and product requirements.

6.Does the Packaging Production Line have safety features?

Yes, valve bag filling machines are equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards and interlocks to prevent accidents and ensure operator safety.

7.Does the Packaging Production Line require special maintenance?

Packaging Production Line require regular maintenance, including cleaning, lubrication and inspection of moving parts, to ensure smooth operation and longevity.

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